A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes—A Review

“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last.”

– Sherlock Holmes, “The Red Circle” (His Last Bow)

We are always learning. No matter how old or wise we get in life, we truly never stop learning. The old axiom that “you learn something new every day” is quite true: There are always new facts, new information, and new lessons that life just loves to throw at us. And sometimes, literature is one of our best teachers. We can learn lessons as characters learn them, understanding life a trifle better from the comfort of our plushy couches as opposed to physically going on the tremendous journeys of which literary characters partake. And if fictional characters can teach us invaluable lessons, who better to learn from than one of the wisest and most practical characters of all time—the Great Detective himself, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?

That is why I absolutely love the book I just read, A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes by Peter Bevelin, published by MX Publishing. It is an outstanding collection of Canonical quotes said by Sherlock Holmes (in addition to real quotes said by Holmes’s original author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and quotes by other real sources such as the diagnostician Dr. Joseph Bell, the infamous Charles Darwin, and many others), and it is a wonderfully enlightening book. From lessons on keeping your head clear to weighing all evidence to general concepts of deduction and inference, this book absolutely nails the genre of “edutainment”—education and entertainment all rolled up into one.

As an editor myself, the only thing that weighs down my appreciation for the book is not as much the compilation of it but simply the typographical errors such as a general lack of punctuation and even one incorrect citation (a quote from “The Six Napoleons” that was cited as being from “Charles Augustus Milverton”). Apart from these miniscule details, however, the book was fantastic and I highly recommended reading it.

Give it a try! Whether you’re looking for a few lessons of which Conan Doyle and the like would approve or you’re simply looking for some Holmes-based quote nostalgia, you’ll most certainly enjoy A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes.

– Arianna Fox

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Arianna Fox

Arianna Fox


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